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Fortunately, with the assistance and blessings of Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swami's powerful mantrika karma sevas, all of these problems can be resolved. If you or someone you know is dealing with any unusual family problems, please get in touch with Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam. Additionally, if you are unable to attend the pooja in person, you may make the payment online and have the prasad delivered to you.

Devotees can contact Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam To Get Immediate Solutions

There could many reasons for these issues, including :

  • How to exert control over your partner,
  • How to persuade them to come home,
  • How to cope with not being loved,
  • How to forgive and seek forgiveness,
  • How to reconnect with your spouse,
  • How to inspire change in your spouse,
  • How to end your life partner's affair,
  • How to overcome past crises,
  • How to win back your spouse,
  • How to prevent a divorce, and
  • How to safeguard your family.

Fortunately, with the assistance and blessings of Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swami's powerful mantrika karma sevas, all of these problems can be resolved. If you or someone you know is dealing with any unusual family problems, please contact Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam. Additionally, if you are unable to attend the pooja in person, you may make the payment online and have the prasadam delivered to

Experiencing a happy relationship can be one of the most wonderful feelings on the planet. You cannot help but smile every time you see your partner, and the mere thought of not waking up next to them is unimaginable. Being in a happy and fulfilling relationship can make every rainy day feel sunny, and every challenge that life throws your way seem easily solvable. Your life feels good, and you couldn't be happier. Regrettably, not all relationships are like this. Infidelity and extramarital affairs are the culprits behind the breakdown of many marriages, often leading to separation or divorce. However, in matters of love and family life, Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy can bring back your loved ones by performing powerful seva poojas. At Karanayil Devasthanam, we carry out ancient ancestral pooja mantras to offer solutions to devotees. Devotees who provide the correct information about their relationship problems will receive their solutions as per their desires

The consequences of black magic typically involves calling upon malevolent spirits to harm others for selfish reasons. Historically, black magic or dark magic has been associated with using supernatural abilities or magic for evil purposes. Many people suffer inexplicable problems that are believed to be the result of black magic cast by their enemies. To counteract these effects, people seek the aid of Lord Vishnumaya Swamy and his powerful poojas. Devotees from all over the world come to seek the help of Vishnumaya Swamy to overcome the effects of black magic.

There could be different reasons for infertility, and one of them could be ancestral curse. By identifying the planets that cause Pitra dosha, we can perform specific remedies to alleviate the punishment imposed on individuals. Regardless of one's social or religious background, seeking the blessings of Lord Vishnumaya Swamy could be a solution. Many devotees who have sought his blessings and come to him have been relieved of all doshas and have been blessed with the good fortune of parenthood.

There could be various factors contributing to an individual's persistent failure in both their personal and professional life, and it is crucial to determine the underlying cause of these obstacles. At Karanayil Devasthanam, we utilize potent ancient mantras and tantras to eliminate the impacts of black magic, drishti, and other doshas that hinder one's progress. The poojas performed for each person are tailored to their specific issues, so it is recommended that individuals contact our temple directly to receive a personalized solution for their needs..

There are various reasons that can disrupt a typical life, leading to unexpected financial problems, unexplained feelings of sadness or low mood, persistent negative thoughts, undisclosed family issues, misunderstandings in the workplace, difficulty expressing oneself, and having one's statements misconstrued by others. Some of these issues may be attributed to the effects of black magic or the evil eye (drishti), and it is crucial to identify and eliminate the root cause of the problem. At Karanayil Devasthanam, we rely on the ancient and powerful parihara poojas of Lord Vishnumaya Swamy, which offer quick and permanent solutions to these problems.

Are you facing a threat from enemies who are endangering your safety, your family, or your career? If you seek a solution for complete protection against such enemies, contact us

At times in life, we may face situations where despite our best efforts, we fail to achieve success. In such cases, it is crucial to recognize any recurring patterns and understand the underlying reasons for these occurrences. If the reasons are not clear, it is advisable to seek the guidance and blessings of Lord Vishnumaya Swamy to alleviate any negative effects or "doshas." Our forefathers have passed down to us the sacred mantras of Lord Vishnumaya Swamy, which we use for this purpose.

It's not uncommon for everyone to experience bad luck at times in their lives, so there's no need to fret over it. However, if bad luck seems to be a recurring theme throughout one's life and circumstances, there may be an underlying reason for these problems. It's essential to promptly identify and address the root cause to prevent the situation from escalating. Seeking the blessings of Lord Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy can help one overcome ill fortune. By taking these steps, one can experience a sense of calm and balance in their life.

Business hindrances and problems can be due to various reasons. The most significant reason could be evil eye or the effects of black magic done by your enemies. In order to get rid of these evil effects, reach out to Karanayil Devasthanam where we cleanse you of such devious effects by embracing Lord Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy. Our ancient poojas and karmas aid in the cleansing of your life from such evil doings and bring back harmony and happiness in your life.

Safeguard your family and business against harmful influences, envious stares, and malevolent spells through performing potent poojas to attain the desired protection from Lord Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy.

Are you being affected by health issues? This could be from the effects of black magic, evil eye or other serious spells cast on you by your enemies. Seek the blessings of Lord Vishnumaya to clear the doshas and regain your normal health. The effect of such spells varies from person to person. Hence, it is best advised to visit our temple and do the necessary poojas as per niyogam.

Despite your best efforts, if you are still unable to find a suitable life partner, it could be due to certain doshas or other factors. Whatever the reason may be, we can identify it and perform pariharams through Lord Sree Vishnumaya Swamy. His blessings can not only aid you in finding the right partner but also grant you a joyful life. Numerous devotees have discovered their life partners after visiting our temple.

To get rid of any of the above mentioned problems, please get in touch with Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam and through our special manthrik poojas seek everlasting solutions to the problems that concern you and receive the blessings of Sree Vishnumaya Swami, the supreme power in kaliyuga.

400+ years old traditionally trusted lord sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva mantrikam temple karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam is the oldest powerful mantrikam temple in Kerala, Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam is also known as the ancestral home of Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy for decades.

Here we perform powerful poojas using our secret ancestral mantras and tantrik karmas followed by our great grandfathers. Any complicated matters disturbing your life can be solved by performing poojas and giving offerings to Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy. It has already been proven by lots of devotees from various parts of the world; devotees can feel the difference in their lives after performing poojas and giving offerings to Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy at Karanayil Devasthanam.

Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy will shower blessings and prosperity on his devotees irrespective of caste, creed or religion. , as lord Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy is known as the supreme power in Kaliyuga, will give immediate and permanent solutions to the problems of his devotees, who perform poojas and special offerings to the lord.

Performing special poojas to Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy will give you an incredible increase in wealth, a hike in profession and business, victory over enemies, reunion of the separated family members or persons, get desired things done immediately, removal of black magic and black power effects, elimination of the enemies, etc.

Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam is a traditionally trusted, centuries old and famous Kerala manthrikam where Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy is worshipped as a fierce deity by crores of devotees from every nook and corner of this world.

Here, every devotee, irrespective of their creed, caste and religion, gets relief as their problems are solved through traditional temple/manthrikam poojas, karmas and homas.

Shanti karmas are used for removal of black magic, black power, drishty, like these kind of dosha.

If you face a lot of unknown and unusual problems in life, family, business, health etc., (sorrows & pains, enmity, black magic and black power effects, drishty & jealousy and several hurdles from enemies on a day-to-day basis), to get rid of these problems fierce/strong/intense poojas/karmas are to be performed to get immediate and permanent solutions which are called shanti karma. These poojas are to be suggested by the Devasthanathipathi (the chief priest of the temple)by asking about the nature of problems happening in day-to-day life and horoscope details of victims or asking at the time of Lord Sree Vish numaya Kuttichathan Swamy niyogam, and after performing poojas, devotees can feel the invisible help of Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy to get rid of all kinds of problems, this is a must, and these can be experienced only at Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam.

Vasyam or Vasheheekaran is used to attract people.

There are many forms of vasyams such as dhrishti vasyam/oral vasyam/, dhana vasyam, touching (contact) vasyam to name a few. Vasyam is practised or rather conducted through several angles of the human body. Just wearing an elassu (talisman) is not enough to get the desired results of vasyaprayogam; this karma depends upon traditional/customised old manthrika seva rituals as per centuries-old palm leaf compilations and literature by our great grandfathers; certain mixings through food or powder made off special kajal (ink) or a kind of special paste, either of which has to be applied on the forehead for achieving positive results. This kind of Karuvashya seva pooja will reunite the people who are separated for various reasons. All poojas will be decided by the Devasthanathipathi by discussing the reason and the needs of the devotees.


This is done for shifting or deliberately changing the destinations of enemies, persons, firms or shops to distant places. For example, if the tenant is not willing to vacate the rented house or shop through utchadanam, the tenant or the shop owner will be compelled to vacate the house/shop and will run away from his place. Utchadana homam (depending upon the intensity of the problem) will take 7 days/11 days/21 days at Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam will fetch positive results. Utchadanam is performed as per the suggestion of the Devasthanathipathi (chief priest) by discussing the correct and valuable reason or at the time of Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy niyogam


Vidveshanam is meant to divide or separate people from each other so as to protect the family names and to achieve personal gains. Vidveshanam can be performed by sending invisible and imaginary magical powers in their gulika bhavam (an evil planet) which will fetch positive results within a very short period. Through this type of pooja, the intended people will be separated permanently.


This is precisely to obstruct a person/firm/shop/institution etc. Making them unmovable from movable positions. The Devasthanathipathy (chief priest) at Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam will decide to place/keep the required objects to facilitate the Sthambhana karma and you can experience the positive developments in due course of time.


This is the rarest of rare manthrika pooja, which is done as a last resort. The enemy and his supporters will be vanished/eliminated /removed forever by maarana karmam


All these kind of serious problems may happening becouse of some secret causes and doshas due to the preyer of enemies. Reveal the root cause of your problems at the time of lords NIYOGAM on at 12 noon (Book Darshan)Perform poojas and giving offerings to lord sree vishnumaya kuttichathan swamy at Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam will helps you to get immediate solutions to relief from your problems. Even if not seeing results after doing poojas in other temples,Here devotees can feel the changes in their life after performing the powerful poojas to the lord sree vishnumaya kuttichathan swamy.
Need not worry about those who are not able to come directly, will perform poojas and after will send prasadam and pooja details to devotees address by courier (for more details contact by phone).
Need not worry about those who are not able to come directly, Main Priest will perform pooja on your behalf. and after will send divine Prashad to devotees address by courier (for more details contact by phone).You can reveal your problems to Temple Office in English, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, or Hindi Contact Temple Office For NIYOGAM Booking.


It is easy to solve all the problems if you can find the root cause of the problems.Here you can tell about your problems to vishnumaya swamy at the time of Niyogam. The presence of Lord Sree Vishnumaya is felt in the Priest in the dancing form is known as niyogam. At these times you will get a stright advice from the lord about the problems and which poojas will gives you permanent solution for your problems and doshams.The lord vishnumaya swamy needs special poojas to get desiored things done and the removel of the doshams for his devotees, Here at karanayil devasthanam we are performing very old and secret pooja manthras and powerful thantrika karmas to get immediate solutions for their problems with the blessings of lord vishnumaya kuttichathan swamy, after performing poojas we will send the prasadam and pooja details with follow ups to devotees address through postel or courier.


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